Product Manager

Execution of an ambitious go-to-market strategy for high-quality cartridges

Ensuring commercial fit between products, distribution and market

Ortofon is already world-renowned for designing and manufacturing high-quality cartridges for the audio industry – however, new consumer behaviors and market openings call for action to maintain the position as the market leader. For this reason, Ortofon is looking to hire a Product Manager, who will drive product lifetime cycles and sales distribution development. The Product Manager will be responsible for entire processes, from identifying potential initiatives to realizing them through hands-on work. More specifically, you will as the new Product Manager in Ortofon be responsible for:

  • Identifying and realizing business development opportunities

  • Pursuing business potentials on web and social media channels

  • Analyzing product and market tendencies within technology and consumer behavior

  • Refining and developing the market positioning of Ortofon’s cartridges

  • Taking part in handling public relations and communication with market influencers and distributors

  • Sound expert advising and training of business customers and other external stakeholders

  • Managing OEM customers internally

The job will be situated centrally in the southern part of Zealand in Ortofon’s newly established R&D and business development office. The position will entail some flexibility as well as global traveling days to the subsidiaries of Ortofon in Germany, Japan and in the USA. You will have a broad interface with external and internal stakeholders, e.g. you will work closely with the sales team, the audio experts and the product development team.

A commercial professional and a sound expert in one

As an ideal candidate for this job, you have a commercial background and mindset - and you work closely with sales on pursuing business opportunities. You have a natural curiosity about products, ideally within the Hi Fi business. However, you may also have your commercial experience from working in other businesses or markets, that are comparable to the audio market in other ways. Either way, it is important that you have a considerable knowledge of and interest in Hi Fi products and sound. You enjoy and embrace quality sound.

To be a fit with this job, you have an outgoing and analytical mindset. You strive to be on top of market tendencies and dynamics, predicting future developments. You are a skilled communicator, both written and spoken, and you are used to incorporate IT, web and social media in your work.

Ortofon is an international company operating on several international markets. For this reason, it is important to be fluent in Danish and English. If you have the ability to communicate in German as well, it will be an advantage.

Represent top quality sound products in a growing business

Are you ready to take on a key position in Ortofon and surround yourself with hands on and competetive colleagues living their professional pride in a growing business? Would you like to be a product and sound expert and represent top quality sound products? By joining Ortofon you will get to use and grow your skills both as a sound expert and as a commercial professional.

Please contact PeopleLinks consultants Jesper Nielsen on +45 2448 2015 or Pernille Lærke Iversen on +45 2887 2115 for further information or apply to the position by registering your resume and application. The selection process will run continuously.

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