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Ortofon is an active player in several business areas, that each offer a number of attractive opportunities. Driven by an innovative and commercial approach, Ortofon has created a global niche market position within high-end products for the consumer Hi-Fi segment as well as the professional DJ segment.

Another essential business area has originated from strong technological and microtech assembly competences. Ortofon has developed a communication solution, that conveys sound for a number of specific needs. In addition, there is a close supply chain cooperation with other tech companies, where Ortofon supplies components and micro assembly services. It is estimated that there is a significant potential for growth within these services.

Reporting to the CEO you will have the responsibility for the total global sales within all Ortofons business areas. Distribution is managed in a set-up consisting of subsidiaries, distributors, retailers, online dealers, own webshop and via direct b-t-b sale. You will manage and develop an international sales organization of approx. 20 people, 6 of these in Denmark and the rest based in subsidiaries in Japan, USA and Germany.

Therefore, one of your most important responsibilities will be to grow and to optimize markets and segments in close cooperation with sales managers and product management. This development will be accomplished in an ongoing cooperation with the supply chain organization. Thus, it is anticipated that the partnership with the CEO will be the focal point, as in unison you will ensure efficiency across the value chain. 

Market success is first and foremost created through your talented employees, but you are also personally active in dialogues and negotiations on important customer agreements.

Vision, insight and a holistic perspective …

You will need all of your commercial competences. And your ability to operate dynamically and successfully on the strategic, tactical and operational levels will be challenged.

Therefore, it is essential that you are motivated by a role, where you are constantly in close contact with the business and your people – but at the same time you are capable of analyzing and assessing which commercial options are the wisest from a holistic perspective. As part of top management of the business you are directly engaged in the strategic and tactical considerations and decisions, which makes high demands on your intellectual capacity, and not least your judgement.

You feel comfortable in an informal and unbureaucratic environment, where focus is on business development and progress, rather than politics.

You are engaging, listening, seeking input and maintaining focus on results – balancing your approach to the culture in which you operate. As a leader you are at eye level with other people, whether it is at negotiations on the international arena or it is in the factory.

It is expected that you are a quick thinker and dynamic, and you create respect by clear communication followed by actions, that match your words.

The most important formal requirements for the ideal candidate are; a degree such as Cand.merc., HD or MBA, solid experience in leading an international sales team, knowledge of multi-channel b-t-c and b-t-b sales, knowledge of brand ownership and mastery of English at business level. The international activities connected to the job are an additional source of motivation for you.

Many of your experiences originate from working commercially with technical products, and therefore, you know the passion, that exists in an organization, where engineers and technicians have developed quality products – and where pride is evident in everyone from purchasing to assembly and shipping. Moreover, passion for high quality technical products is something that you are driven by – may be in combination with an interest in music/Hi-Fi?

A unique status …

Ortofons products have a unique status in the market. As a true global brand there is worldwide recognition and demand for the products.  Focused development activities have resulted in a range of high-quality products, which make up a strong platform.

In 2018 Ortofon celebrated their 100th birthday. A journey, where accuracy in sound has been the common theme. And with a market position and business development opportunities, that are better than ever.

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