Digital Marketeer

Next level digital marketing based in Næstved or Nakskov

It is people – passionate people, who are behind Ortofon …

… Therefore, your most important task is to create the ‘digital personal interaction’ with customers, retailers and other stakeholders. As Digital Marketeer, an exciting all-round role awaits, which will challenge your professional competences, responsibility, independence and collaboration skills in relation to developing, managing and coordinating marketing tasks.

Reporting to the Sales Manager, you are part of Ortofons Sales Team, where your tasks will include:

  • Further development of Ortofons digital marketing efforts and e-commerce platform

  • Webmaster responsibilities including development, maintenance, SEO, security and trouble shooting

  • Collaboration, coordination with Product Manager in relation to an external web developer

  • SoMe posts, including content creation with external DJ and Hi-Fi teams

  • Newsletter coordination with Product Manager and blast to community for a large number of subscribers

  • Management of marketing projects, digital as well as printed materials, including proofreading - in close cooperation with product management

  • Webshop maintenance and updates

  • Coordination of exhibitions, events, trade shows, endorsing arrangements etc.

  • Statistics, follow-up, evaluation

  • Ad hoc projects

Ortofon operates in several different business areas, each of which offers a number of attractive market opportunities. Driven by an innovative and commercial approach, Ortofon has created a global niche position in ‘high end products’ for the private Hi-Fi segment and the professional DJ segment, respectively.

Another significant area in the business is based on strong micro-technical and technological competences. Ortofon has, for example, developed a communication solution that can convey sound to a wide range of special needs. In addition, there is a close supply chain collaboration with other tech companies, where Ortofon supplies components and micro-assembly.

… And you will work with the entire portfolio = multi b-t-c and b-t-b sales channels!

Updated on digital trends + strong business understanding

You have already built your first job experiences and therefore know that business understanding is the key to creating value in a marketing role. Thus, it is expected that you engage in Ortofons sound universe with curiosity and interest - to understand the competences that are in the organization, the products and solutions that are manufactured and not least the customers.

Your working style is characterized by efficiency, structure, persistence and a critical eye for details and quality, while you are able to maintain the larger perspective. To put it simply, you are alert, productive and you deliver a high level of quality in your work.  

You bring solid insights and experiences within the digital platforms; SoMe, newsletters, communities, websites, e-commerce, etc. The right clicks - communication in audio, picture and video is another of your professional strengths. You understand the world of your target audience. With a special ability to achieve the right expression, you capture the interest of your target audience. You manage to create an interaction where it is evident that there are people - passionate people - behind Ortofon.

You have probably worked with marketing of experiences, e.g. tourism, events, travel, gastronomy - or you have worked with digital marketing of a global niche brand.

It is expected that you have strong IT skills and that you write and speak English at a high level.

A 102-year-old in perfect shape

In 2018, Ortofon celebrated its 100th birthday. A journey where great sound has been the common thread. And with a market base and business development opportunities that are better than ever.

Ortofons products have a special status in the market. As a true global brand, there is a worldwide recognition and demand for the products. Targeted development efforts and technology investments have resulted in a collection of high-quality products.

If you are the right person to boost Ortofons digital footprint and you are passionate about the task, please contact PeopleLinks consultants Jesper Nielsen on +45 2448 2015 or Pernille Lærke Iversen on +45 2887 2115 for further information or send your application and CV as soon as possible.

Geografi: Sjælland
Ansøgningsfrist: Snarest muligt
Arbejdssted: Næsted el. Nakskov

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